International Q certification
Learn to work with specialty coffee standards and evaluate quality according to SCA protocols
Courses are conducted by an accredited Q Instructor as per international standards: theoretical modules, practical assignments, professional laboratory equipment and SCA campus and coffee sets.
You need to take Q course, if you are one of those:

• who directly works with coffee and influences its final taste and/or price;

• who has a great practical experience but looks for a theoretical basis;

• who needs quality control skills as per SCA standards.

Q Cupping Essentials is 2-day certification program of intensive work that helps:

  • to verify your ability to identify roasting and physical defects of green coffee and to evaluate quackers;
  • to identify fragrance, flavor, acids;
  • to work with cupping form and to follow properly SCA protocol;
  • to set the goal of your quality control;
  • to implement all skills immediately;
  • to be ready for Q Grading exams.
Introduction to post-harvest processing is CQI non-certification program that helps with systematic description of processing methodology and clarifies the following questions:

  • What are the standards of coffee processing to get a specialty coffee?
  • What are the risks if you don't follow the steps of quality control?
  • Why does processing describe different processes in different countries?
  • Can processing and its stages be right or wrong?
  • How to choose a type of processing?
  • Can a farmer manipulate the taste of processing?
  • Can a buyer focus only on a taste description without thinking about processing itself?
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