"Farmer is the producer of aromatic compounds"
— Prof. Flavio Borem
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You are one of those who:

▫️ eager to learn more about coffee production (post harvest processing), differences in processing practices and application of scientific approach in varied producing countries.

▫️ trust experience and science

▫️ want to meet more coffee experts

Let me introduce the 1st speaker. Johan Kwe:

▪️ QP1 and QP2 Instructor (certification QP generalist and QP professional)
▪️ QP3 Expert (education and certification coffee processing experts conducted exclusively by invitation)
▪️ 31 july 18:00-20:00 Jakarta time

Johan's experience in producing coffee in Sumatra makes this meeting especially unique.

Please take couple of minutes to prepare questions for our meeting:
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What myths have you heard about coffee processing in Sumatra? Is there anything you want to double check?
What tasting experience you have and would like to share? positive or negative flavours? Have you bought coffee from Sumatra?
What challenges have you faced while working with lots from Sumatra? packaging, roasting, brewing?
What questions trigger you most about coffee processing?
Is there anything else left that you would like to ask?